Saturday, 8 June 2013

Tom Tom Android Review

I used to think I'd never need any more Sat Nav after Google maps/ navigator but the need to be connected is a pain especially if you get redirected.

So it was time to get Tom Tom for Android when it recently launched. Now the first thing many people will try to do is to Download Tomtom Android Torrent, well you should not even bother!

Why, because this is great software and the developers should be rewarded for their efforts. Suffice to say I love it Tom Tom have been at this for years and the experience shows. Everything about the interface is superbly thought out.

Points of interest is delightfully comprehensive and everything seems so easy to access. The narrator is just right, the directions are more specific.

The biggest bonus is of course this is fully off-line!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Best Cheap android Phones

Since starting this site the starting price of entry level phones has plummeted to incredible levels. If you are not a brand snob then the features you get can be mind blowing just check out this little collection.

So lets take a look first up is the Star N9770 1.2 Ghz CPU at a bragain price of £118, then the very entry level but no less impressive ZTE V871 amazing at £44. I'm almost tempted to buy this myself a 5inch display is almost tablet size at £112 and finally an Android Dual Sim Quadband phone for under £100!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Top Android Phone July 2012

Been a while since we looked at Android phones and currently the top has to be the last Samsung Galaxy no other manufacturer has quite caught Samsung when it comes to Android.

In saying that HTC as a very close run second and their phones also boast HTC Sense. My own subjective opinion is reflected in what I bought which was an HTC but this really was on a budget so when it comes a value then I think the HTC does score higher.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter Android Phone Deals

Welcome to another update about Top Android Phones those shopping for Android Phone at Easter will no doubt be looking for a good deal despite the current condition of the UK economy.

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to looking for a bargains in Best Android Phones will be the sales dilemma. Let us explain in the UK there is a culture in many industries to have a sales season so if you are looking to save some money do you wait for the Driod Phone sale or just bite the bullet and buy now.

It is always an issue when it comes to technology I used to own a Computer Shop and customers used to say they were shopping around an waiting for the next new technology to hit the shelves or always shopping for a bargain. I think Moores Law no longer really applies to Desktop PC's but it sure does apply to Smart Phones so if you want something more powerful for less cash the solution is easy, wait! You will always wait using this strategy though.

So when it comes to Easter you have to ask yourself is this a traditional sales period to grab item in a clearance sale when looking to buy from Top Android Phones. We think this is a subjective call that only you can make but our tip is to consider the main times of year when this industry will be looking to clear stock and if you want to save wait till then.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Lazer Lover

A work colleague has written a new app about to go live in the Android Market called Lazy Lover. Earlier this week he gave me a brief demo.

Basically you pull contacts into the app from your address book and then schedule random text messages to the person like 'Did you have a good day?'. As you can appreciate it is a very lazy way of sending your love to your loved ones!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Android Headphones Sale

I'm also on the lookout for good android headphones well we have news of a special offer, this is for items on sale at Comet who are a Comet supply a wide range of electricals, including some decent headphones. You can use the code online at checkout and collect at your local Comet Store

This offer is for a Discount: 10% and FREE POSTAGE (UK Mainland)
Valid on: Everything
Expires: 31 January 2012
Discount code: PLAY1 at Comet which will run out on Headphones.

The Details are as follows:-

Comet Voucher Code: 20HP Gives an extra discount of 20precent on headphones

If you know of a Discount Voucher or Promotional Code for Comet then why not leave us feedback in the comments section below.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Neon Android Phone Cases

How about this for a Neon Phone Case that will turn your Samsung phone into a Neon Android Phone this phone cover will suit the Samsung i9100 Galaxy S2 / S II / 2.
Click to Order £3.40

The comes complete Screen Protector and will protect your phone from any bumps and scratches.

The phone cover is made from high quality hard polymer plastic and will allow access to all ports.

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Best Sub £300 Android Phone

I had a budget of £300 for a phone and despite really wanting a Samsung Galaxy that was out of reach. In the end I elected to opt for the HTC Desire S. Super LCD Display 3.7inchs nice viewing angles.

Aluminium Body does offer a robust design and I have only dropped mine a few times without a mark being made on the phone. It is really quick with no delay even when starting quite a CPU intensive app like copilot.

On my HTC Hero I was not overly impressed with HTC Sense but it is clear they have done a lot of work on it over the last few years and it does work a treat.

My phone gets a lot of use as a media player and what a joy it is to just chuck over almost any video file and it will play natively. I still mostly use Meridian as a media player mostly because I'm just used to it and it does not try to be too clever.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Best Phone Provider For Android

I have been doing a lot of research over the last few days about the Best Sim Free Contract for Android and one of my main concerns is unlimited internet.

We recently posted about Orange Unlimited Internet the other day and I wrongly thought that Three was going to be the only option however I was wrong. T Mobile also do unlimited and it goes under the banner of Internet Booster, they will give you unlimited but have some fair use policies in place.

Having spoken to someone who has been on T Mobile for some time they say as long as you are reasonable with your 3G usage then it should not be an issue. I have no doubt that the Three Network have similar limitations in place and have to state in my opinion T Mobile have committed something of faux pas in not marketing it as unlimited.

I have heard that the Three Network is a little sparse in places so was having second thoughts.  

Monday, 5 December 2011

Android Phone Deals

When looking for a good deal on Top Android Phone then it is always well worth waiting for the sales or promotional periods. In the current financial climate many companies will be discounting heavily during the traditional sales offers and Phone Android stores will be no exception.

Voucher and Discount Codes are very much in fashion currently and the Top Android Phone shops will be certain to offering these to consumers it just means you have to do a little more research prior to making a purchase. We are always interested in featuring Voucher Codes for Top Android Phone so if you have any then please either contact us by using the contact us page or even use the comments section after each of news posts.

In fact if you spot a decent offer in any way relating to Top Android Phone and we have not covered it then please get in touch and help us help you. We are always on the look out for good offers and any special or trade prices that can be found.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

No More Unlimited on Orange

I still have a few months left on my contract with Orange and after hearing that they will no longer offer unlimited mobile internet I think I'm going to move providers.

I really want the Samsung Galaxy Note but the price tag is very scary currently on offer well over £500 and I have not long bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab. I suppose I could move down to a wildfire but that has similar processing power to my HTC Hero and that is horrible for modern apps.

The HTC Hero has been a great phone but it has long past its sell by date even though I still use it as not only a phone but a MP3 player.

You know for the slightest amount of time I did think of an Iphone but horrible Itunes put me right off.

Back on topic it looks like I will be moving to the Three Network as far as I can see they are the only ones offering unlimited internet currently. The main reason for wanting unlimited it to use Googles Navigator which looks dam fine but I'm not getting charged buckets of cash for the punitive charges they apply if you go over your limit. 

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Current Best Android Phone

I was reading the recent meta review scores of some mobile phones in the Meta Review Mobile Phone section and I must say my impression is that the Samsung Galaxy S2 is the clear favourite as my next upgrade.

Although I've enjoyed owning a HTC my Samsung Galaxy is as slick a device as you could want, if you check the reviews you can see in the Samsung Galaxy S2 Review it gets glowing reviews all round and the minus points are slight concerns about the battery life.

In the the HTC Sensation review the reviwers seem to make a few mentions of poor screen quality and lack of MKV format video support, so after reading the HTC Sensation Reviews and owning a Galaxy I'm a Samsung fanboy. I do hope Apple do not win any court cases against Samsung though that would put a spanner in the works!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Top Android Apps for August 2011

Well after getting myself a Samsung Galaxy Tab I've been into a lot more apps recently so all change here. My HTC Hero just doesn't play anything with some serious lag these days.

Top Android apps for August

  1. Pocket Soccer - Free app is fairly decent single player but a great laugh when your playing against each other. A decent sized Tablet and the game comes into its own. Smaller phones fingers tend to get in the way.
  2. Flick Kick Soccer - A great app would be amazing if they added some RPG elements like Jumpers for Goalposts but good fun all the same.
  3. Cut the Rope - It is good fun the kids enjoy it a lot
  4. Fruit Slice - Ideal for a ten minute blast not much depth so definitely a casual game but still very decent.
  5. My Tab plays Xvid natively now so no need for third party media player I'm a creature of habit though so Merdian Media player remains on my phone mainly for listening to podcasts.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Top Android Apps April 2011

Currently these are my tips for being the best apps for April 2011.

1. X Construction - I only have the free version sucks out a lot of time and for the most part very enjoyable. Can get frustrating though, they could do some great things with this game if they went full on with it. For example you could simulate a building company that have to build bridges, you have unlimited resources to do it but the job only pays a fee. It would just add a little depth to the game I think. Still well worth a try of the Lite version

2. Blow Up - Got back into this again recently a great little game.

3. Bubble Burst 2 - It is something I go back to over and over again. Perfect if you are stuck somewhere waiting for a five minute blast.

4. Meridian Media Player - Always a firm favourite, will be looking at the various media players more in depth soon.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Top Android Phone For March 2011

I was recently looking at Dail A Phone for the best contract and on there they were boasting the HTC Desire HD for an effective £12.48 a month from O2.

I think the HTC Desire HD is now rated the top mobile Phone as we March into 2011, excuse the pun. I know the phone has been around for a good few monthes now but it is far an away the best spec.

I really like the appeal of a bigger screen as I do use my phone for mobiles it does come in at 164grams but I think I can live with that.

So it has been a few monthes but finally the HTC Desire HD has overtaken the Samsung Galaxy S as the top Android Phone.

We are nopt knocking the Samsung Galaxy S of course it remains an amazing phone but things change fast inb the Android Phone Market.

I do want one of those.